Alexor 2-Way Wireless Security Suite



Control your system with confidence

Through the compact and sleek keypad, you control your security system. With easy to use one-touch keys, all family members can use the system with complete confidence. Handy wall or free-standing desk stand options give you more choice in where keypads can be located throughout the home.

Highest level of protection available

The Alexor will detect movement within the home, (without detecting pets), breaking glass on windows, Carbon Monoxide presence, smoke or fire, and flooding. When used with a monitoring service, all devices are monitored to ensure your family and your home is protected at all times. It is truly the highest level of protection available.

Emergency Response

When an alarm activates, a monitored Wireless Security System instantly connects to a monitoring station. Emergency services are dispatched as required by either Internet or GSM/GPRS channels (the same communication method as your mobile phone).

Just a touch of a button

No more fumbling at the door with armfuls of packages or worries about remembering security codes. The Alexor wireless key provides you with easy management of your security system. Full protection – at your fingertips.

Peace of mind

You can rest easy knowing that we will protect what you value most – your family, your home and your precious valuables.