Inventco Swimming Pool Regulation Closer


Inventco Swimming Pool Regulation Closer

Inventco swimming pool regulation closer information

What’s the point of a sliding door if it’s always left open?

Introducing the Inventco Water Door Closer. Easily fitted to sliding security screen doors, it quietly and consistently closes sliding doors with its patented, speed limiting valve that operates within the door mounted water filled closer tube.

In addition to its use as an automatic screen door closer, it has been extensively used Australia wide to satisfy swimming pool safety laws, which exist in all Australian states and are being adopted throughout the world.


  • When installed on a security screen door it lets the breeze in and the insects out – automatically.
  • Safe, smooth and quiet in operation
  • 11 popular colours
  • Only one wearing part, tested for a life in excess of 20 years
  • No gears, washers or springs to break down
  • No deterioration in performance over time
  • 3 year parts warranty
  • Installed by a professional in around 10 minutes
  • Simply disconnect or use the optional stay open catch when you need the door to stay open
  • Australian made, and one of the most durable on the WORLD market


Inventco Sliding (water) Door Closer