Grille Doors

Unfortunately break-ins are becoming a way of life in our suburbs, new or established. Fitting attractive single or double diamond grilles will keep unwanted guests out and active little ones inside.


A Range of Different Options

  • Double diamond grille for added safety
  • Four-piece window grille
  • Front door with one way DVA mesh
  • Front entry with side lites
  • Full Window Grille
  • Pet Door
  • Single diamond hinged security door
  • Single diamond sliding door single panel
  • Window Grilles to Sliding sashes only

Optional Components

  • Bass Latch (suits fly doors)
  • Hinged door closer
  • Hinged door lock – 3 point lock
  • Single Hinged Door Lock
  • Sliding Door Closer
  • Sliding Door Lock

Colours Available

  • White
  • White Birch
  • Primirose
  • Stone Beige
  • Pottery
  • Hammersley Brown
  • Deep Ocean
  • Clear Anod
  • Hawthorn Green
  • Woodland Grey
  • Notre Dame
  • Charcoal
  • Black
  • Bronze Anod
  • Apo Grey
  • Anotec Dark Grey
  • Paperbark