Yale Certified Range

Our Yale Certified Safes provide a range of security and size options to suit different needs.

Keeping passports, birth certificates, deeds, cards, cash and keys in a safe makes them easier for you to find, but not for thieves. For those concerned about identity-theft, it’s good to
know a safe can play a positive part in keeping your life your own, while leaving you worry-free enough to enjoy it.

Finally, a safe makes the ideal place for the irreplaceable (those diaries, old letters, or grandmother’s earrings) – and a perfect hideyhole for items whose value is inexpressible, such as the last few month’s work on your laptop.




  • Reinforced hinges
  • Extra large impact resistant locking bolts
  • Armoured and reinforced walls and door
  • Key areas impact-tested and reinforced with hardened steel

Easy to Operate

  • Resettable personal code with 100,000+ possible combinations
  • Easy to read backlit display
  • Low battery warning
  • Door opens automatically when correct code is entered

Locking Mechanism

  • Solid steel motorised locking bolts
  • Reinforced impact resistant locking mechanism
  • High security override lock


  • Robust removable shelf
  • Soft textile lining
  • Extra bright LED interior lighting

Safes Dimensions & Sizing

All four of the models listed below, come with:

  • 2 Keys
  • Full Felt Lining Interior Finish
  • Reinforced Armour Plating
External Dimensions
(W x H x D)
Internal Dimensions
(W x H x D)
Net Weight (kg)
Gross Weight (kg)
Light Source
Batteries Included
Yale Certified Safe Home
350 x 250 x 300
337 x 240 x 230
3 LED Lights
4 x AA 1.5 V
Yale Certified Safe Office
350 x 400 x 340
337 x 390 x 270
3 LED Lights
4 x AA 1.5 V
Yale Certified Safe Laptop
480 x 200 x 350
467 x 190 x 280
3 LED Lights
4 x AA 1.5 V
Yale Certified Safe Professional
350 x 520 x 360
337 x 510 x 290
3 LED Lights
4 x AA 1.5 V