Challenger’s Security Commander is capable of allowing up to 10 operator workstations to manage the system simultaneously. You can enable multi-site partitioning to manage multiple tenant offices – either in the same building, or geographically separated sites.

Security Commander is compatible with Windows 7.  It allows alarms and other events to be linked to video footage for improved operator response and easier post-event investigation.



Simple Control, Powerful Security

Manage your card users

  • Easy-to-use enrolment of new access users into the system.
  • The system supports a wide range of card formats and can capture a badge’s raw card data.
  • The system also provides integrated Photo ID and card designer application.
  • Develop custom designs with dynamic pre-populating data fields and easy barcode printing.

Respond to alarms
The alarm monitor ensures all alarms are brought to the attention of the relevant operator, with priority, status and associated video footage. Operators can easily acknowledge alarms and record the specific response taken.

View relevant video
Challenger alarms and other events can be linked to video footage allowing for fast response time in the event of an emergency and easier post-event investigation. E.g. – features like video popup on event and automatic text insertion into video footage to allow for additional search capability.

Easy control from a map
Intuitive control of your system from user-friendly maps. Operators can control inputs, areas, and doors, and retrieve video via graphical icons displayed on a map of your facility. Icons are fully-customisable and capable of dynamic updates to indicate multiple changes of state. The map display is easily configured via ‘drag and drop’.

Time & Attendance
Know how much time contractors or other employees are on or off site for easy management of billable hours with integration to payroll systems.

Security Commander Training
A specialised training course is available to assist in taking full advantage of Security Commander’s capabilities and advanced features.