CCTV Security Camera Systems

Westlock Security are the CCTV specialist with a range of the latest technology for your home or business.  We can offer a planning service to map out the best points of CCTV to cover your property and you can upload your floorplan via the contact page.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is a popular form of surveillance that uses video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific destination on a limited set of monitors in a closed network.

Residential, Commercial or Industrial applications, CCTV can operate continuously or can be activated through movement. CCTV is a popular tool not only for security, but also for monitoring the operations of a business or organization.

When choosing CCTV for security or business needs, the key questions are what kind of camera to use, where to store the images and how to monitor and access them.

Our experienced consultants at Westlock Security Perth can determine the answers to these questions, which depend on many factors including purpose, location and conditions.



CCTV is not only the most commonly used security camera system but also the go to answer for an all-encompassing surveillance solution. The wide variety and popularity of surveillance cameras means that there is no shortage of products to choose from, and as security and surveillance are becoming an ever increasing prerequisite for any domestic or commercial security repertoire, Westlock Security has all you need for your surveillance needs.

CCTV systems use many different camera types depending on the security needs. Common camera classifications among which customers can choose include:

Digital Security Cameras

Digital CCTV cameras record to digital video recorders (DVR), a format that offers more
flexible storage options.

Fixed or Point Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) Security Cameras

Fixed CCTV cameras remain in one position. PTZ cameras can be moved left to right, up and down and zoomed in and out via a computer, DVR or PTZ joystick. These cameras often are used at shopping centres and other public places where it is imperative to access clear identification of moving people and objects.

Indoor or Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor CCTV cameras are built tough to withstand the elements, while indoor cameras are more delicate.

Infrared Security Cameras

Most CCTV cameras today are digital colour with infrared LEDs, which films in colour by day and in black and white IR by night. Infrared cameras provide the best picture in low-light viewing situations.

Vandal Resistant Security Cameras

Depending on the location of the camera, it may be necessary to make it resistant to vandals with a tough exterior. Consider this option for cameras in a vulnerable location.

Dome, Bullet, Box, Corner and Pinhole Security Cameras

CCTV Camera shapes, sizes and materials vary according to which of the above classifications are selected. For example, dome cameras are used in well-lit locations with low ceilings, whereas bullet cameras are used in low light conditions such as nightlife operations. Corner cameras are used in tight spaces such as elevators. Some larger cameras like standard box cameras may serve as a visual deterrent, while others, like pinhole cameras, are small in order to avoid detection.

Westlock Security offers a wide range of security cameras as well as other security alarm systems. Choosing the right device for your situation can be complicated, and requires talking to people who know cameras.

Please contact us and we will happily discuss your options.

Alarm System Options:

  • Remote “look-in” using smart phone, iPad, notebook
  • Kocom Alarm System Wallpad
  • CCTV
  • Kenwei Video Intercom
  • Kocom Video Intercom
  • Glass break detector
  • Bosch motion detector
  • Bosch Panic Button
  • Bosch PE Beam (photoelectric beam) (e.g. across driveway entrances, in ceilings)
  • Hills Reliance Control Panel (DAS)
  • Kocom LCD code pad
  • Kocom Dome Camera
  • Kocom Home Control
  • Joystick camera controller
  • 3cm mini-cameras
  • Kocom infra-red Night & Day Camera