Bosch 6000

Suitable for homes and small offices with access to the Bosch app for arming/disarming alarm and self-monitoring.  Includes all software for NBN compatible.

Bosch 6000 Brochure



Bosch has created a security system that has all the technology it needs to identify intruders in your home, without being hard to use.

Solution 16 plus helps you protect the things you love, providing you with reliable home security at your fingertips.

Compatible Accessories

  • Using a Quad Passive Infra Red Sensor with 13m x13m coverage allows a virtually instantaneous response to human intruders without false alarms. Perfect for almost every home.
  • Pet immune TriTech with 11m x 11m coverage. Dual Microwave and PIR technologies with pattern recognition technology, means this detector is perfect for the home, office, or garage.
  • Low profile ceiling mount passive infra-red detector with 7.5m coverage.
  • Wireless receiver redesigned to support Solution wireless accessories.
  • 4 button key fob transmitter for SATY and AWAY operation as well as built in panic functions and auxiliary power output control (used for lights or garage doors etc)
  • Slim Line Graphic Code pad for system interaction


  • Easy to read code pad
  • Easy text menu control
  • ON & PART arming modes
  • Partitioning to multiple areas e.g. upstairs, downstairs, granny flat, garden shed etc.
  • System indicators – AC fail & system troubles
  • Chime feature on user selectable zones
  • Remote arming via the telephone
  • Walk test mode
  • Alarm memory recall
  • Code pad panic and duress
  • 2 entry timers