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Clearguard LogoCleargard Australia only uses tough Israeli-made Hanita Coatings films for its safety and security applications. The films use a stronger PSA adhesive than most competitors and a different cold lamination manufacturing process results in clearer, distortion free films. Their films are also considerably thicker, stronger and longer-lasting.

Recognising that no applied film is fully effective on any glass without the correct anchoring method to the frame, Cleargard Australia has extensive knowledge and experience in this area of security screen doors.

In most most residential applications, structural silicone is all that is necessary (and possible with smaller frames); however, mechanical anchoring is often recommended in some commercial installations and in situations that have suffered repeat attacks.

While security films are not invincible, it is extremely difficult to break through anchored security films.

Back of a police van that has two windows protected by Clearguard security film  Building with many rows of windows that are protected with security film