Keying Systems



Lockwood GENERATION SIX restricted keying system

With a wide range of applications, the Lockwood Generation Six restricted keying system is an ideal solution to your basic key control needs, providing the perfect balance between security and convenience.


  • Affordable key control
  • Colour Coded Key Inserts
  • Suitable for retro-fit installations


The Lockwood Generation Six restricted keying system offers a range of cylinders to suit both new and retro-fit installations. Cylinders are available to suit all Lockwood commercial locksets and the majority of existing commercial grade hardware installations.

Series Six Mark2


Series Six Mark2 is Australian Lock Company’s range of 6pin in-line barrels & keys designed for those seeking a solution to their medium security master key system requirements.


  • Locally manufactured, distributed & supported by the privately owned & operated Australian Lock Company.
  • Series Six Mark2 comes with an indisputably strong 3mm thick, nickel silver key blank.
  • The ergonomically shaped key head comes in 8 colours. The 3 panel design allows for 343 possible colour combinations.
  • The key affords ample space for the locksmith to identify coded keys & contact details.
  • Numerous Series Six Mark2 profiles are available for locksmiths to ensure secure restricted systems are available for selected customers.
  • Series Six Mark2 offers over 30 different cylinder & plug types to retrofit most applications.

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