Austral Security Door Lock

The Austral Ultimate lockset includes a Caretaker one-way locking function that enables the lock to be “snib locked” from the outside by operation of a Caretaker key. The Caretaker key cannot be operated to unlock the lock.


  • mortice hinged security door lock
  • pivoting parrot beak bolt
  • latchbolt is retracted by either outside or inside lever
  • self-latching bolt
  • slotted strike plate and bolt profile
  • snib and cylinder locking
  • snib will not override key
  • incorporates specialty euro style cylinder (not included)
  • body measure 177 mm x 31 mm
  • handle length 110.7 mm
  • reversible
  • unique Caretaker feature
  • use with HD16 triple lock
  • finished in black