Lockwood Window Locks



Lockwood Window Locks

A Range of Lockwood Window Locks

lockwdlogoAn essential but often overlooked aspect ofsecurity, windows are often the point of entryfor break-ins.  All Lockwood Window Locks are suppliedwith thief deterrent one way screws for addedprotection. All Lockwood Window Locks can bekeyed alike.

CYL4® Technology

CYL4® is the terminology that means Lockwoodwindow locks can be operated by Australia’s mostcommon door key, the standard 5 pin C4 profile.The C4 key profile is the type that most front door locks use.

Previously window locks have not been compatiblewith this type of key profile meaning that you carry multiple keys for doors and windows around the home. However, Lockwood window locks can now be keyed alike to open with the use of your door key, so you can enjoy the convenience of your home being secured by just one key.

CYL4® 785 Sliding Window Lock

CYL4® 880 Multi Purpose Bolt

CYL4® 885 Awning Window Lock

  • Suitable for most aluminium sliding windows
  • Available in Black, Primrose, Silver, White and Brown
  • Suitable for most sash and awning timber framed windows and some metal framed windows
  • Steel deadlocking bolt provides added security
  • Available in Chrome Plate, Brown, White, Black, Primrose and Silver
  • Suitable for awning windows
  • Easy to use push button locking action, unlockedby key
  • Ideal for installation alongside window winders
  • Available in Brown, White, Black, Primrose and Silver