Lockwood Nexion Combination Knobset

Designed and manufactured in Australia to the highest quality standard, the Lockwood Nexion range has completely changed the face of front door security. Setting the benchmark for safety, security and style, the Nexion range of automatic deadlatches offers the ultimate protection for your home and your family



  • The Lockset mode is shown by LockAlert with indicator red when in secure mode, yellow when in safety mode and green when in passage mode
  • The lock out release feature automatically unlocks the outside handle (i.e. puts the lock into Passage Mode) when the inside handle or snib is operated.
  • Available in 4 different lever styles
  • Available in 2 different base plates, classic or vision
  • High security, cut resistant stainless steel latch
  • Box strike with concealed crossgrain door frame strengthening screw
  • Metal installation template included
  • Suits Keyline LKW5 (Silca LW4) profile
  • Can be purchased as a keyless entry version
  • Available in gold, satin chrome and chrome plate