Security Doors

Security Screen Doors Fitted for any Security NeedWestlock Security offers a range of security screens and security doors with high quality grilles that are tempered for greater strength. This special process gives added toughness and many years of durability to your screen doors.

Independent Knife Shear tests proved that sharp instruments simply could not penetrate the superior strength of these security screen products, being the ideal choice for businesses, government facilities and residences.

We believe in providing you with the best quality product you can find in the security industry, along with great service catering to your specific needs. Our security doors are virtually maintenance free, with both grilles and frames coming in a range of styles and modern colours to suit any décor.

Security Screens

For your doorway safety needs, all you need to do is find the best Security Screens in Perth – at Westlock Security. Our security screens are built to weather Australian climate and we do sliding, hinged, and even multi-fold doors for all your domestic or commercial needs. Our ClearShield Stainless Steel Security even comes with a stainless steel guarantee for 10 years.

Our one piece perforated sheet offers superior ‘see through’ visibility, great for maintaining your ocean views or hillside vistas. These products are not only aesthetically pleasing but provide great security for homes and businesses, are easy to clean and when maintained correctly will stay looking in a brand new condition for years. For more information on our security screen products, contact Westlock Security.

A Range of Security Doors & Screens

We have a range of security screens and security doors, including:

We also have a wide range of different meshes including:

  • Standard fibreglass flywire
  • Paw proof (cat/dog proof)
  • Tuffscreen (cat/dog proof)
  • vision mesh (extra thick one way mesh available in a wide range of colours)

For all your security screens and security doors needs, contact Westlock Security.