Commercial Locksmith Services

Westlock Security offers a wide range of commercial locksmith services, perfect for keeping your business or office safe and secure. With tested and proven restrictive keying systems with some of the biggest brands in the business like Lockwood, Abloy, Whitco, Brava, and more. Our quotes are accurate and affordable and you can be sure that your business will be secure to the highest industry standards.

Our commercial security locksmith services include:

  • Master keying – for controlled levels of access
  • Restricted systems – this will allow you to monitor your keys. Your key codes are kept secure and keys can only be copied upon receipt of an authorised signature.
  • Keyless entry – digital locks both Electronic and Mechanical
  • Solid Core doors – supplied and fitted
  • Access Control – using swipe cards, finger print (biometric) or remote control


A master keying system is like a company organisation chart – it has different ‘levels’ of keys able operate the same locks & offers control of who can access which locks – with a Master Key at the top of the tree which has access to all.

A Master Key System can have an ordinary profile, or can be security keyed.



A restricted or security key system has locks & keys on a restricted profile. A restricted system offers the same ‘tree system’ as a master keying system but has added security features.

Key profiles are protected by patent and are stamped ‘Do Not Copy’.

Copies can only be cut by the locksmith that created the system.

We have to receive written authorisation on letter headed fax or email from a pre-designated person, and production of ID on collection.

This gives you security & control over who has copies of your keys & how many are given out.

Westlock Security also offers Residential locksmith services. For any comercial locksmithing requirements, please request a quote, call us on (08) 9353 2889 or send us an email.