Access Control Locksmith Services


Westlock Security’s technicians have years of experience designing and implementing hardwired, stand-alone and wireless access control systems. Maintenance work is carried out by our fully qualified and security-checked technicians.

Digital access control does more than just increase security.

Rapidly improving technology is giving managers ever-increasing control of their premises by determining exactly who goes where. The benefits provided by an access control system make it a wise investment for growing businesses and established corporations alike.

access-control3Digital access control can:

  • Protect your staff by keeping unwanted visitors out of controlled areas. It also keeps staff clear of potentially dangerous areas like machine rooms and forklift areas.
  • Provide access records. A digital access control system can be linked to a database, automatically keeping access records for security, building management and payroll verification purposes.
  • Improve productivity by restricting unwanted traffic. Keep areas clear for those who need to use them the most. You can even configure time-based access.
  • Streamline access across multiple premises. No more dealing with separate sets of keys across different offices – configure staff access privileges across every building they work in.

Westlock Security have a wide variety of Access Control solutions, including the iClass Smart Card and Room Guard Locking.

For any access control systems requirements, please request a quote, call us on (08) 9353 2889 or send us an email.