Telkee Key Cabinet

Telkee has been long regarded as one of the best key cabinets on the market. Often used by government departments, they are of solid construction.

Product Description

Models available:

  • Model 686 which measures 686mm x 330mm x 191mm
  • Model 530 which measures 530mm x 330mm x 165mm
  • Model 347 which measures 347mm x 280mm x 80mm


  • Ability to expand the 686 and 530 models from a 50 capacity cabinet up to a 450 capacity cabinet by inserting a leaf that can take 100 hooks. Other units come in pre set sizes
  • Desk unit available providing a portable cabinet (T303)
  • Supplied as a complete unit comprising hooks, number sheets, index and signature cards
  • Supplied on Keyline LF20S (silca LF31R) profile — Available in a hammertone grey or beige finish