Guardall In-Floor Safes

The Guardall Floor Safes are designed to be hidden in-ground, out of sight from unwanted intruders.

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Product Description

Security features include:

  • UL Rated digital keypad and lock
  • 12mm Solid steel door for B1500E & B1800E
  • 12mm Torch and drill resistant door for B1500E/TDR
  • 10mm Solid steel door for GS30EF
  • Hard plate to protect lock area on all models
  • Secondary re-locking device in case of tampering

Other practical features include, spring-loaded door for easy opening on B models, removable door for lock service work easier installation, flush fitting lid to aid concealment and fire protection.

The suggested insurable cash rating, in an unsupported situation, for the B1500E and B1800E is $20000 and $30000 (TDR version), and for the GS30EF $12000.

Safes Dimensions & Sizing

Model External Dimensions
(H x W x D)
Internal Dimensions
(H x W x D)
Weight (kg) Door Thickness
GS30EF 300 x 400 x 280 240 x 330 x 165 30 10mm
B1500E/TDR 320 x 370 x 315 300 x 350 x 180 50 12mm
B1500E 320 x 370 x 315 300 x 350 x 180 50 12mm
B1800E 320 x 370 x 520 300 x 350 x 385 55 12mm