Ramguard Bollards

Security and Ramraid Protection

View of a street kerb with seven evenly spaced Ramguard Bollards in a row

At Westlock Security we supply Ramguard Bollards that are designing and manufactured to exceed industry standards. All bollards and associated products are proudly made in Western Australia and provide the ultimate security and protection for your property, our bollard solutions offer inground, bolt down,removable, flexible or collapsible capabilities in Automatic, retractable, removable or permanent to suit most residential, commercial and government requirements. Protect property and pedestrians against vehicle collisions and ram-raids.

Bollards provide that extra control for your security systems needs. Our assortment of available bollards from Ramguard provide the sturdiest physical form of access control and can be controlled either manually or remotely. The variety of bollards gives you a wide range of flexibility in incorporating them with your existing and available property, regardless of the terrain. The availability of both permanent and removable bollards means that you have the ultimate choice of where you want to store your safety bollards.

The Ramguard bollard has a proven design, is highly reliable, and is used to protect some of Western Australia’s most security conscious sites, including:

  • Watercorp
  • Perth Mint
  • Fremantle Docks
  • Fremantle Maritime Museum

Ramguard was established in 1995 and since that time has built a solid reputation as one of Perth’s leading bollard manufacturers. A change of ownership in December 2011 has seen Ramguard merge with Yellow Metal Powder Coating & Abrasive Blasting under the name Yellow Metal. This combined expertise ensures that Ramguard Bollards are secure, long lasting and provide excellent security. We understand our client’s desire to have reliable products of high quality, and we offer a wide range of bollards at competitive prices.

Talk to us at Westlock Security Perth about the envrionment you want to install these bollards and we’ll recommend the right one which looks great and keeps out traffic.